In-app DSP
focused on e-commerce
We drive direct sales through in-app ads targeted at mobile app users

we offer our clients
the best promotion solutions

Support for all business models:
CPM, CPS, CPA, Revenue share
Process 8 billion requests per day
in 90 000 bundles (apps)
Seamless integration with our tracking system (postbacks)
Integrated with top-tier SSPs
No initial data
from the advertiser needed
Format: in-app rewarded-video, interstitial video, banners
for your scale
Our advanced AI-driven bidding algorithm meticulously analyzes each bid request's context, fine-tuning campaigns to focus on sales optimization
that perform
Remoby boasts an in-house creative studio dedicated to producing engaging videos and banners for products and brands. These advertisements are expertly crafted to capture user attention and effectively generate buying intent.


Why mobile app users are great for e-commerce

In the digital era, e-commerce is witnessing a transformative shift, largely fueled by mobile app users. These users are not just browsing; they are engaging and purchasing, making them a vital asset for e-commerce on the mobile web.
for AdTech & MarTech projects
ecosystems and innovation labs
We create vibrant startup
Mobile Games
Mobile Games

Our Investors

Belka Games
Since 2007, we’ve been building startups using
our distinctive methodology and vision
Grow your SALES!
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