The shutdown of IDFA was a shock to the market. For many years, advertising technologies have been evolving step by step, allowing companies to earn money and users to see relevant ads. In 2021, the market took a step backwards.

What’s the situation currently look like?

— Starting with iOS 14.5 (April 2021), Apple has made Limit Ad Tracking enabled by default;
— iOS apps & games marketing is still “broken” after iOS 14.5;
— User acquisition on iOS suffers from the lack of IDFA-targeting;
— 70%-80% of traffic on iOS is Limited Ad Tracking (LAT On). It’s virtually impossible to get a strong UA performance and a positive ROAS from the target audience;
— Look-a-likes, retargeting, and narrow targeting don't work for non-IDFAs;
— Google is going the same way with its Android “advertising ID”.

So clearly, things have gotten more difficult. IDFA is a convenient tool, sure, but traffic buying existed before it and will continue to exist after. It should also be noted that the tipping point did not occur in one day. Apple announced their new privacy terms back in 2020. Even at that time, advertising networks began preparations to make the first attempts to adapt algorithms to work with LAT traffic. Some players managed to build new advertising strategies, but in general the market suffered significant damage. Ad networks were not as flexible as expected. Many players have ceased to exist, others merged, and as a result, the market looks a lot different these days.

We saw opportunities in this situation and decided to create a platform (Demand Side Platform), which was designed specifically to work with non-IDFA traffic. This is an ambitious task, but today we see the results of the work. Our efforts were also appreciated by our early clients.

We created a new technology with a 100% focus on non-IDFA traffic, based on many years of experience and a powerful machine learning system. The performance of advertising campaigns from Remoby do not depend on access to IDFA data.

In these turbulent times, we’ve created a relevant product. We’re happy to share our unique technological solution to help your app grow.

Remoby DSP Features:
— Unlike any other solution, REMOBY is not dependent on IDFA. We focus only on LAT On (non-IDFA) iOS traffic and have built the product around this idea;
—We use “Rewarded video” inside applications. This format has several advantages – we’ll talk about this in more detail in future articles;
— Our system is capable of handling 8 billion ad requests per day in 90,000 bundles (applications). This allows you to achieve the optimal cost of the bid and find the right audience for displaying ads;
— No initial data from the advertiser is required;
— Full integration with AppsFlyer or Adjust - fast and convenient;
— Support for all business models: CPM, CPI, CPA, and Revenue share;
— Integrated with top-tier SSPs.

Leave a request on our site and find out more how Remoby will help you improve the performance of your iOS applications!